Swimwear for big busts

Find great offers on leading swimwear brands including Freya and Panache for DD and big cup sizes to fit the larger bust online. Select from stylish underwired bikinis, supportive designer swimsuits and flattering tankinis.
dd swimwear for big busts
This site brings you leading offers and swimwear brand deals daily to help you find the ideal dd fittings and larger cup size dd bikinis, underwired swimsuits, supportive tankinis and beachwear all designed for women with fuller cup sizes.

In these days of size 1/2 waif models (or whatever they’ve shrunk to), it’s nice to know that real women are catered for by great retailers and designers who design for real-world shapes and figures! A growing section of female consumers are discovering how much easier it is to shop online for swimwear with websites such as this dedicated to promoting larger cup size underwired swimsuits and DD+ bikinis.

Whichever style you prefer, be that bikini, swimsuit or tankini, you will find a great range of designs and sizes to fit you here. What is more we show offers from all the main shops and retailers of this type of swimwear so providing a much easier and focused shopping experience than you could achieve in the high street. Also there are regular internet offers so you will usually pay a lot less than you would at a physical store or specialist shop.

With Summer always somewhere if not here and cracking deals available year round for trips to exotic and hot destinations now is the best time to pick out your beachwear or that next ensemble to impress around the pool!

Feel comfortable on the beach or by the pool with underwired Bikinis and DD swimwear designed for those with bigger busts. Don’t forget to add a good supportive Tankini too.

Tankinis for larger busts

Curvy women should consider the tankini. The tankini is a two-piece swimsuit with a top that resembles a tank top. With it you can pair hipster bottoms. These cool looking bottoms provide far more support for your curves than traditional bikini briefs. You may also want to try out one of the dd swimsuits with cutouts on the sides. This can have a marvellous slimming effect whils still showing off your curves.Best of both worlds!

Many of these versatile garments are sold in underwired form and are so handy for everyday use and when you’re not sure what you’ll be doing during the course of a day.
No matter what size a woman is, panic can often set in over picking out decent swimwear and worrying that it fits your figure well. Naturally every woman wants to accent her best features whilst minimizing possible “weak spots” in any clothing, but this is especially true in swimsuits.

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Underwired Bikinis and DD Swimwear

Women with large busts should find a swimsuit or bikini that fully supports them. The best swimsuits for this are ones with halter-tops or supportive underwired cups to keep everything in place, Freya swimwear make this type of swimwear with a passion. Any swimwear with an additional strap across the back, along the bust line, also provides additional support. Women with an inverted shape where their top is wider than their hips, will often opt for a two-piece, perhaps a tankini with a pair of shorts. This can help balance the top and bottom working on drawing the eye away proportionally from say a tiny bikini set which can look different on women with fuller figures.

Large bums, hips and thighs

Women with larger bums look great in any swimwear which has a boy cut bottom. This helps hide your rear but also looks cute and is comfortable. Skirted bikini bottoms are also cute – giving a hint of your legs, but still hiding your rear end however these aren’t so common so you may need to hunt around. Searching for shorts, “boy cut” and similar usually brings up several desired results.

It’s probably best to avoid skimpy bikini briefs unless you make lots of money as a model! There are quite a few clever designs now though including high cut thigh briefs that really work well. For the top you can also choose something that is as catchy and brightly colored as you like, again Freya swimwear have many fabulous designs to suit all tastes. This will turn attention upwards away from your bum should you wish to. Plus don’t go for horizontal stripes, because they will make your posterior appear even bigger than it actually is.

It’s best to avoid swimsuits with any kind of horizontal stripe, as this gives the optical illusion that you are wider than you actually are. Spandex can be a good choice for swimsuit fabric because it stretches, but it is very important that you get the right size swimsuit. Do not try to squeeze into a swimsuit that is two sizes too small for the sake of vanity.

Wearing the appropriate size will always look better on you. Many shops let you mix and match tops and bottoms, so if you are top heavy or bottom heavy, you can make sure you get the correct size for each section.

Then knowing that you look terrific in your fabulous swimwear, all you need do is relax, enjoy the sun and have loads of fun!

Dress comfortably whilst looking fantastic on the beach or by the pool with great offers on supportive dd swimwear for big busts and fashionable underwired tankinis online.